HORROR FILM TO SEE: THE BEST OF ALWAYS. Ridiculed, despised, indexed and opposed: there is no cinematic genre that has made more effort to establish itself in modern times of horror (there would also be the erotic, but that is another story). Many describe the horror stories  of horror movies as a youthful pastime destined to become less and less relevant in the life of an individual once he approaches the fateful maturity: usually they are very sad and rather dull people, unable to plunge into unrealistic plots because they are too busy to run after banality of everyday life. The true horror movie enthusiast knows instead that, despite there’s a lot of rubbish around, the best horror films are able to give back primordial sensations that come under the skin and bring us back to the first years of our existence in which darkness hid monstrous forms. And then the scientists also say that the discharge of endorphins released when you get scared is something that is good for the body,

FILM HORROR: THE LIST OF THE BEST TO SEE ABSOLUTELY. Here then is our list of some of the best horror films to always see absolutely that every fan of the genre should have seen at least once in their lifetime.

  • Horror movies to watch. The day of the zombies (1985): third chapter in the series of the godfather of the modern living dead, namely George A. Romero, it is the most splatter and at the same time nihilistic chapter. A man in a world now prey to contagion a handful of survivors tries to resist in an underground military base. But the most deadly danger to the protagonists is constituted by human beings themselves: the differences between soldiers and scientists will in fact cause a catastrophe.
  • Horror movies to watch. The exorcist (1973) : firmly at the top of the sector charts, the film by William Friedkin brought terror and restlessness into the houses of the spectators, staging the demonic possession that would then make school being imitated until the nausea . But even today it is difficult to beat the regan race of the little Regan, her blasphemous offense, the bodily fluids exploded with betrayal and in general the unhealthy atmosphere that hovers in the film.
  • Horror movies to watch. Shining (1980) : Stanley Kubrick’s horror masterpiece is certainly not a film for everyone, because it could put a strain on the patience of the most hurried. But if you indulge in the rhythm of the film it is impossible not to get lost in the corridors of the Overlook Hotel, the true protagonist of this story in which the past re-emerges in the form of visions leads to madness the custodian Jack, who tries to massacre his family.
  • Horror movies to watch. The Seed of Folly (1995) : When the horror writer Sutter Kane suddenly disappears without having delivered his latest bestseller, his editor puts a private investigator on his heels. He not only manages to find him again, but suddenly finds himself inside the novelist’s delirium, whose sick and perverse imagination is boundless in reality. Or maybe, how do you get to think the protagonist in a crescendo of madness, every image of Kane’s horror has always been real?
  • Horror movies to watch. The Blair Witch Project (1999) : here is the film that has brought back the subgenre of found footage, that is the fake amateur film recovered fortunately that shows the horror in which the protagonists have stumbled. Made with very limited budget, the film works so well because it forces the viewer to put their own and invest in those grainy images that documents the disappearance of a trio of students in search of the title witch in the woods of Maryland.
  • Horror movies to watch. Martyrs (2008) : French film divided into two very different parts, tells the story of a girl who suffered long and terrible torture by some strangers. A friend tries to help her find the perpetrators, but when that happens for her, the gates of hell are opened in the form of a group that uses the sufferings of girls to get a fleeting vision of the afterlife.