Have you ever dreamt of becoming a portrait photographer in Melbourne? Has anyone ever told you that if you want your dreams to come true, you must love the people who live around you? Did you doubt this or have you learnt to love the people near you? Portrait photography is quite different from the other types of photography since it requires you to interact with people as their photographer. Without the cooperation of the photographer and the people you are taking photographs, it will be very difficult for you to be perfect in the area of portrait photography.

This means that in portrait photography, the main concern is the person that you are photographing and hence you have to try up and down to not only love your potential clients and also create a good relationship with them. The field of portrait photography is a wide field that has several divisions or subtypes that you can choose from for your clients, depending on what they love. The following are the types of portrait photography that you must know about if you are planning on becoming a portrait photographer.

1. Traditional portraits

This is one of the types of portrait photography that every portrait photographer in Melbourne must know about. Clients are required to look at your camera, and then pose for the photograph in this type of portrait photography. The photograph can only be taken from the studio, and hence your clients must come to the studio. The other thing that makes it unique is that you are supposed to crop the portrait photographs in a way that only the head and the shoulders will be seen instead of the whole body.

2. Group portraits

Unlike the other types of portrait photography, the group portraits involve photos of people. This means you can take photos of family members, couples or other groups in work or churches. In case you are called for this photography, you must be very keen since taking these photographs is more challenging than when you are taking portraits of one person. You also need to interact effectively with all the people in these groups to become a perfect portrait photographer. In the group portrait photography, the photographs can be hot from any place where the clients find attractive, unlike the traditional.

3. Self-portrait photography

If you are a good photographer, the self-portraits are the simplest photographs that you can take. This is because you only interacting with one client and also they can pose in as many styles as they want without you being worried that the poses are not uniform like in the group photographs.

4. Lifestyle portraits

In this type of portrait photography, you will be required to take photographs of your clients in their day to day activities. For this reason, you can capture them in any place, including in the beds when they are sleeping, walking in the parks, swimming in the ocean, or even when they are working. You must be very creative so that you can take photos of these people that are similar to the kind of life they live. Since most people want to use lifestyle portrait photography to create memories that should be remembered in the future, you must ensure that you capture them as if they are still interacting in the photographs. Here, the clients do not pose for the different photos that you are capturing.

5. Environmental portrait photography

This is a type of portrait photography that includes mixing some ideas of the traditional and lifestyle portrait photography. The clients are required to select the places or environments that mean a lot to them. For this reason, the environmental portraits speak about the personality of the people that you are capturing. The clients are also required to pose for the different photos that you are required to take.

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