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The experimentation “Brocca”
In the school year 1992-’93 an experimental course of Architecture and Design was introduced , for the necessity to assure to the students a wider cultural and professional baggage adapted to the needs of the world 

The foundation
In October 1961 the State Art Institute was born thanks to the interest of the ternan sculptor Aurelio De Felice , the same who in 1946 had organized the first posthumous exhibition dedicated to the naive painter Orneore Metelli at the Galleria di Roma, a character to whom the ISA of Terni would have been entitled. De Felice had long fought for his opening in order to provide the city of Terni with a center for artistic studies and preparation for those who demonstrated attitudes for the Applied Arts. The Institute, in fact, coordinating the technical notions once given in the “Artisan workshops”, was able to provide a complete technical-practical culture to young people who, at the end of the three-year courses, as well as a certain competence in the chosen sector, would obtained a qualification that allowed them a safe entry into the world of work. The sections were two: Art of wood and Metal art, with attached middle school. 

Artistic High School


After a first two-year period of 1122 hours per year corresponding to 34 hours per week , the addresses are developed in the second two-year period and in the fifth year for 1155 hours per school year, corresponding to 35 hours per week.

At the end of the course of study, the students, in addition to achieving the common learning outcomes, must:

• know the history of artistic and architectural production and the meaning of works of art in different historical and cultural contexts, also in relation to the chosen study addresses ; 
• grasp the aesthetic, conceptual and functional values ​​in the artistic works; 
• know and apply graphic, pictorial, plastic-sculptural, architectural and multimedia techniques and be able to connect the different artistic languages ​​with each other; 
• know and master the design and operational processes and use appropriate techniques and materials in relation to the chosen study addresses;
• to know and apply the codes of the artistic languages, the principles of visual perception and of the composition of the form in all its configurations and functions; 
• know the issues related to the protection, conservation and restoration of the artistic and architectural heritage.


Our Projects

Specific learning objectives
1. the acquisition and development of technical-professional knowledge of the study sector and of project skills in work contexts (know-how – disciplines of the area of ​​address ) 
2. acquisition of relational, communicative skills and organizational (knowing how to express, communicate and interact with the outside world – linguistic and economic area disciplines ) 
3. socialization in the workplace (know how to be) 
4. the effective use of work experience within the scholastic path and training for 
the improvement of school performance 5. the re-motivation of students in difficulty, encouraging the continuation ofscholastic and educational process.


The Orientation should be seen as a training course and is developed on three interrelated levels: 
 psychological plan : must aim at self-knowledge to acquire and improve personal decision 
 making skills  knowledge plan : must use all the disciplines as tools and orientation vectors. 
– information plan : correct and qualified information must arrive from the schools to the student.

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The school aims to promote communication, meeting and discussion with all the parents of the students, in order to obtain the best results in the learning process and civic and cultural training, every year it publishes on the site


The Artistic Liceo “Orneore Metelli” implements a design and multidisciplinary teaching aimed primarily at consolidating and enhancing artistic skills, protecting and enhancing the landscape and the historical and artistic heritage, through the creation of concrete products of a graphic type. advertising and audiovisual, plastic and pictorial, architectural and landscape and in the field of design, often in collaboration with institutions, associations and institutions.

Integrative courses

The Artistic Liceo “Orneore Metelli” implements a design and multidisciplinary teaching aimed primarily at consolidating and enhancing artistic skills, protecting and enhancing the landscape and the historical and artistic heritage, through the creation of concrete products of a graphic type. advertising and audiovisual, plastic and pictorial, architectural and landscape and in the field of design, often in collaboration with institutions, associations and institutions.

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No country in the Langa of Asti is rich in works of art such as Roccaverano, which can boast, among other things, one of the most beautiful and harmonious squares in Piedmont. The monumental ensemble of castle and tower, together with the Bramante parish church, constitutes the the heart of the country, the synthesis of its history and its events. 

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The tower, almost 30 meters high, has a circumference of 26.50 meters and the thickness of the wall at the base exceeds two meters. The summit is adorned with three orders of hanging arches …….

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Following the ridge of Langa we arrive instead to the cemetery church of San Giovanni, an ancient parish church that contains the most complete and impressive cycle of gothic frescoes of the Asti area ……

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Finding the right North Ryde child care

One of the most important decisions parents have to make is choosing the right childcare for their little one. There are several options available that are overwhelming to choose from. If you are in North Ryde, the following guide can help you find a North Ryde child care to make an informed decision.

Different kinds of north Ryde childcare

there are specific childcare options available in North Ryde. However, it is essential to understand the different kinds of childcare available for parents. These include the main types of childcare, which are as follows:

  • An extended daycare is a kind of childcare designed for working parents who need someone to care for their children full-time. These kinds of childcare are open from early morning till late evening and care for children from newborn to five.
  • A family day care has a more flexible option because it is usually provided from the home of a registered carer. The providers are qualified and approved by the government and can care for up to six to eight children simultaneously.
  • Occasional childcare is an option for parents who only require childcare on specific days and not regularly. This kind of care is available for a few hours and can be utilised by parents on errands or who might have appointments to attend.

When looking for childcare, parents must look at options that focus on the child’s social and emotional development and early literacy and numeracy skills. The intense focus should be on outdoor play. You must visit the childcare in person to view their outdoor area. Ensure they have a place where the children can play, like a bike rack or a sand pit. A vegetable garden can be an added plus and would be a great place to send your child to so they can learn a bit about nature.

Some parents prefer a structured programme that includes daily routines and group activities. There is childcare which also focuses on healthy eating and provides nutritional meals and snacks for the children in their care.

On the other hand, if you want to focus on the child’s creativity, you must look for a programme that offers play-based learning and focuses on social and emotional development.

Tips to help you find the right North Ryde childcare

When choosing childcare for your family, there are certain things that you need to keep in mind. These include the following:

  • Location: consider the location of the childcare centre by your home and work. Is it easy to get to, or can you drop off and pick up your child at the required time? It’s best if you choose a North Ryde daycare centre so that it is closer to you.
  • The learning philosophy: consider the childcare philosophy and your parenting style. Do consider the philosophy of childcare about your parenting style. Look at the kind of programme they offer, whether it is a play-based programme or a structured one. Do they focus on outdoor space or focus on indoor activities?
  • Look at the qualification in the experience of the staff at the childcare centre. Please get to know about their capabilities. They should be experienced in working with children of a child’s age group.
  • Cost: consider the cost of the childcare centre. Will you be able to afford it? Consider additional charges such as registration fees or uniform fees.

Considering these things will allow you to find the right childcare in North Ryde.

Selecting a Child Care Centre

Are you currently looking for a child care centre for your child? Do you know what is important to look for? Have you looked into the qualities that a professional and high quality child centres centers should have? This article will help point out the important criterias that a great child are centre should have so that you can decide upon the perfect centre for your child to go to.

There are several important factors to consider when selecting a child care centre for your child. They include size, multi-age range, and license. Many child care centres are owned by individual entrepreneurs. However, incorporating or joining a partnership can offer additional benefits. For instance, incorporating your business will protect your personal assets in the event of bankruptcy. Incorporating your business also makes it easier to obtain bank financing. Alternatively, a partnership will allow you to share the profits and losses among partners. Depending on where you live, regulations may vary. In some areas, formal training may be required for childcare operators.

Licensed or unlicensed

There are two types of child care: licensed and unlicensed child care centres. Licensed child care centres are regulated by government agencies and have specific health and safety regulations. Licensed child care providers also have access to resources and group liability insurance. Unlicensed child care providers are not regulated by any government agency, but can still operate legally in B.C. However, unlicensed child care centres are not monitored and do not meet the same health and safety standards.

Large or small

Space is an important consideration when building a child care centre. Generally, a well-designed centre should be at least 8,000 square feet, but some smaller centres can function well in less space. The layout of the space should include different rooms that relate to each other. This will help young children learn to understand the environment and develop spatial relationships.


Multi-aged child care centres offer child care to children of all ages. Unlike Group child care centres, which accommodate children from 2.5 to 6 years of age, Multi-Age centres offer care for toddlers and infants as well. Currently, BC has a shortage of infant and toddler child care spaces, but the government’s new funding policy encourages the growth of these services.

Non-profit or for-profit

There are many differences between for-profit and non-profit child care centres. First, for-profit centres are more likely to pay lower wages to their employees. Also, these centres are more likely to pay less to educate early childhood educators. Secondly, for-profit child care centres are more likely to follow the government’s rules regarding staff to child ratios.


Child care centres must adhere to a variety of regulations to ensure the safety of children. These regulations should address health and safety issues, as well as group size and adult-child ratios. They should also address the qualifications of staff, as well as in-service training requirements. These regulations should be reviewed periodically, and they should be widely publicized. They should also be enforced aggressively.


The costs of a local child care facility can vary greatly, depending on their location. A centre in a good neighborhood or with a great reputation will generally cost more than one in a poor neighborhood. The quality of staff in a child care centre is also important, and this can increase the cost of a child care centre.

What Mistakes Should You Avoid When You Are In A Childcare Business in Deception Bay?

Most people start and run childcare businesses because they think that this is one of the things that can make them very rich without so many struggles. Unfortunately, things can go in two ways. Firstly, the business could go well and you could earn so much profit and this would be perfect for you. Also, the business could fail and this will put you in a very bad position as an investor or a business owner.  Everyone would wish to be successful so that they can get all the profit there is. However, to be successful, you have to ensure that you learn the things that would make your childcare business successful to make sure that it does not fail.

What Can Make a Childcare Business Fail?

There are so many things that can make a childcare business in Deception Bay fail to succeed. Just like any other business you can start, the method of management used will determine whether your childcare business succeeds or fails or not.  Also, there are so many mistakes that most people make leading to the failure of their businesses.  This means that you as the owner of the childcare business will be the main determiner of the success or failure of your business.  This is why you have to make sure that you do all it takes to ensure that you make your childcare business successful.

Mistakes to Avoid When Running a Childcare Business in Deception Bay

Whenever you are running a childcare business, you have to ensure that you do things the right way.  When you do things the right way, you will be able to run your childcare business in a better way and this will make it successful.  Therefore, when you start your childcare business makes sure that you avoid making the following mistakes;

  • Selecting an ideal location for the business

One of the things that you should do when you are starting your childcare business is starting your business in a location that is ideal.  There are so many locations that you can start your childcare business but before you decide on the location your business will be,  research adequately.  This will help you start a childcare business in a location that is ideal to start and run the business.

  • Hiring incompetent caregivers

The other mistake that you need to avoid anytime you start a childcare business is outsourcing child care services from incompetent caregivers.  This is because they will not be in a position to take care of the kids in the childcare like their parents want them to be taken care of. If you select incompetent caregivers, parents will not be selecting your childcare business which will lead to your downfall in the childcare business. To avoid this, make sure that you hire highly competent caregivers for your childcare business.

  • Buying inadequate child care equipment

Parents in Deception Bay would want to take their kids to a place where they have all the required equipment.  Unfortunately most people don’t invest in the right equipment for their child care business.  However, if you wish to be successful, you have to make sure that you buy all the required equipment for your childcare business.

  • Failing to market a childcare business adequate

You need to understand that marketing their childcare businesses is one of the things that will help parents know about the existence of your business.  However, if you fail to market your business enough, you will not be a successful person.  Therefore, ensure that you market your childcare business enough and make use of the right strategies to do it.

Check out Day One Early Learning and learn about their best practices.

How Can One Run a Successful Daycare Business  In Berwick

starting a daycare.  However, for you to start and run your daycare there are so many things that you have to put into consideration so that you can start and run a successful daycare.  This is because it is so easy for you to invest in a daycare business with all the money you have been saving for years but your business becomes a failure.  Therefore, it is important for you to learn a number of tips that will help you in selecting a daycare business so that you do not mess things up when you start the business.  In case you have been saving to start a daycare, then you should do all the following things so that you can have a successful daycare.

Things To Do When Running A Daycare  In Berwick

Fors you to have a successful daycare business, you have to ensure that you do the following things as you run your business;

  • Market the daycare using the right market strategies

When you start your daycare business it is important for you to make sure that parents are aware that you are offering childcare services.  However, this can only be done if you market your business. Apart from marketing your daycare make sure that you use the right marketing strategies since these will help you reach out to many parents which will result in the success of their business.

  •  Hire the best staff

Most daycare owners do not know that parents look at the kind of staff employed in the daycare before selecting a daycare facility.  For this reason parents will only select a daycare with the most competent staff.  This means that if you hire competent staff, you will have parents selecting your daycare and this will impact its success.

  • Communicate effectively with parents

For a daycare to be successful you must make sure that you win the trust of the parents.  Unfortunately, winning the trust of parents is among the toughest things that you could ever try as a daycare owner. However, when you achieve the trust of the parents, you will succeed in this business.  One of the things that will make you win the trust of the parents is communicating with the parents so that they can understand everything happening in the facility. This way, they will trust you and will even recommend other parents to your facility as well as make great reviews on your websites. 

  • Comply with the state licensing requirements

A license is an important document when you are running a business including a daycare.  Parents will want to find out whether you have a license for your business before they select your daycare.  For the sake of your daycares’ success, you need to ensure that you comply with your state’s licensing requirements.

  • Define your business goals

One of the mistakes that most people  in Berwick make when starting and running a daycare is failing to outline your business goals. For this reason, you end up running a business without knowing what you want to achieve. This is wrong. If you want to be successful, make sure that you have clear and defined business goals.

Does Doing All These Things Make A Daycare Successful in Berwick?

When you do all these things, you will be increasing your chances for having a successful day care services at Berwick.  This is why you should make sure that you have all the above tips in your fingertips and you will be having no problems making your business successful.

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